Mission Statement, Charter & Policies

Our Mission

Free and equal access to information and knowledge

Our Vision

Inspiring, enriching and engaging our community

Our Values

Respect, commitment with equity and quality of service

Customer Charter

  • Providing an environment that is welcoming and is a pleasant place for you to browse, borrow and read
  • Meeting the needs of library users of all ages
  • Endeavouring to make our resources and services accessible to people with special needs, including the disadvantaged, the housebound and our geographically isolated customers
  • By providing current and relevant library material, and help you to find the information you need
  • By encouraging children and young people to use the Library by offering a range of special activities and services
  • By supporting lifelong learning through access to materials, information technology and guidance
  • By offering a wide range of opening hours in response to Community needs
  • By continuing to welcome customer feedback and strive to continuously improve the resources and services we provide.