Pillars of Bathurst

Many Bathurstians will know of the Bathurst Pillars located on the riverbank near the Ohkuma Japanese Garden in the Macquarie River Bicentennial Park. But do you know the origin of the pillars? In the 1990s, Bathurst City Council purchased the cast iron veranda posts from the historic Royal Hotel in William Street. These posts are now part of the Pillars of Bathurst project which was created as a cultural heritage memorial garden. The aim is to remember the contributions and achievements of the many people who were once important to the development of the Bathurst community but for whom there were no other memorials.

Bathurst Pillars Podcast provides a storytelling component to the project. Each episode talks about an individual ‘pillar’, the history, the story and the relevance today. It is produced by 2MCE in partnership with Bathurst Regional Council.

To listen to conversations with some of Bathurst's living history click below.

Bathurst Pillars - 2MCE Radio