Bathurst Newspapers

Bathurst Newspapers 

Bathurst Library has local newspapers on microfilm that you can view in the library. These include Bathurst Advocate, Bathurst Daily Argus, Bathurst Free Press, Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal, Bathurst Post, Bathurst Times, National Advocate, Western Independent, Western Times and Western Advocate. 

You can access most of these newspapers online via Trove (up to 1954). You can search or refine the digitised Bathurst newspapers via Trove here:


Bathurst Advocate 1848-1849

First published by Benjamin Isaacs, only 87 issues were published in its short lifespan. It regularly published criticisms of the local police and two libel actions were brought against its editor in 1849.

Bathurst Advocate

Bathurst Daily Argus 1909

Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal and The Bathurst Times (1858 version) merged in 1904 and was renamed The Bathurst Argus. Trove has January 1909 to August 1909.

Bathurst Daily Argus

Bathurst Free Press 1849 - 1851

A semiweekly broadsheet that also published as The Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal, Bathurst Times, Bathurst Argus, Bathurst Daily Argus, Western Times and Western Advocate.  

The Bathurst Free Press took over from The Bathurst Advocate and was first published on 6 October 1849 by William Farrand. The paper changed its title again on 28 May 1851 to Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal. 

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Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal 1851 - 1862; 1872; 1882; 1885 - 1897; 1899 - 1904

In May 1851 Bathurst Free Press changed its name to Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal. John Charles White took over the publication in 1859 and it remained in the family’s occupation until it ceased distribution in March 1904.

Bathurst Free Press & Mining Journal

Bathurst Post 1881 - 1922

First published on 15 August 1881 and printed by Glyndwr Whalan, after 486 issues it ceased publication on 15 March 1922. The publication was distributed free of charge and supported by advertising.

Bathurst Post 1881 - 1922

Bathurst Times 1909 - 1925

Not the original Bathurst Times which had been in publication from 1858-1904. Originally The Bathurst Free Press, this broadsheet underwent many iterations. From 1909 to 1925 it was known as Bathurst Times. 


National Advocate 1889 - 1954

A daily newspaper published between 1889 and 1963. It was co-founded by businessman James Rutherford as a vehicle to put forward a protectionist viewpoint. It had a reputation as the local mouthpiece of the Australin Labor Party, in contrast to the conservative-leaning Bathurst Times. Ben Chifley was appointed to the newspaper’s board of directors in 1921, before he became Prime Minister.

National Advocate 1889 - 1954