Memories and Moments: Image Project

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why they are so good for stimulating memories, starting conversations and creating connections.

The images in our Memories and Moments collection are designed to evoke memories, emotions and spark conversations. According to research, sharing and discussing photographs can be a positive and rewarding activity for people living with dementia.

Simply click on an image to open it, then discuss it with a family member or friend. Each photo comes with information about the image and questions to help viewers reminisce about what they see.  It’s a great way to share stories, connect through conversations and spend time together.

Coming soon! Copies of these photos will be available for loan as Memories & Moments sets around September 2024. Each set will contain three A3 photos and are suitable for group work with support groups, nursing homes and carers as a social activity to promote reminisce. They can also be loaned to individuals to use as prompts when talking with friends and family members.