Book Club Kits


Book clubs are a great way to connect with other people, share your love of books and get more from your reading experience.

Starting a Book Club

Ideally a book club should have between 8 and 16 members and share a common purpose. Is it to read or to socialise? Do you want to read a specific genre or are you happy to explore more diverse titles etc. To find out more about starting a book club, CLICK HERE(PDF, 186KB)

Book Club Kits @ Bathurst Library

Bathurst Library has a large range of Book Club Kits available to support book clubs. Our Book Club Kits make it easier to coordinate your meetings, save your members money and provide access to a diverse range of genres.

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How do Book Club Kits work?

  • Each kit contains 6-10 copies of the same book, plus a set of discussion notes, all stored in a convenient carry bag.
  • Kits may be borrowed for 3 months and cannot be renewed.
  • Only 2 kits can be borrowed at the same time.
  • All books must be borrowed and returned together in the same kit.
  • The kit needs to be returned to the library during opening hours.
  • Kits cannot be returned through the after-hours chute.
  • Kits are free to borrow, however, if a book is lost or damaged, library charges will apply.

Book Club Kits can only be borrowed by a registered book club. To register your book club, you must nominate two Coordinators who are Bathurst Library members. 

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Other options

If your Book Club would like to read a title that is not on our catalogue you could also try:

  • Downloading eBooks that have no wait lists via our eLibrary platforms
  • Mixing things up by reading different titles by the same author
  • Purchasing books through local retailers.